Thursday, 5 April 2012

First salon, please pop for gentle tea

Royal salon, where you can taste the best cakes

Victorian Pub where Poirot stayed and ate

Tea and space shop

Teddy tea and coffe Haven

Victorian tea with chocolate cookies

Miss Marpel's tea

Poirot coffee

Agatha Christie tea

Poirot cake

Victorian tea treats

Teddy Victorian treats

Victorian tea sandwiches

Victorian Dessert

Poirot cake 2


  1. wot a wundahful opub fur th agatha #ChristiePawty spencer! i luv it nd fink yew beary clevah! i carnt wait too try th noms!

  2. Oh, it all looks so tasty! I'm going to have to try one of everything...snicker...especially that Victorian Dessert tray!!

  3. a triumph !!!!! love the Poirot cakes xxx Well done huggggs

  4. wow what a treet great job, now iz so hungry what do i choose?? Hmmm welll i will have 1 of everything BOL !!!!!

  5. I think I ate it all!? #christiepawty #TillmanTV

  6. This is so wonderful!!! NOM NOM NOM! Thank you. #ChristiePawty -- RAY, CHASE & TIPPER -- @DaneRay

  7. My human thinks Miss Marple's tea looks best of all.